Welcome to Korinver!

We are a team focused in offering and developing effective mobile solutions internationally. We encourage Agile Methodologies, develop and distribute reliable software products and services and open spaces for a new generation of programmers.

Our Mission

We create Good Apps. From its inception to its final implementation we relentlessly pursue the best software solutions for our clients.

We team up with the best. We forge long-lasting alliances with companies and individuals grasping opportunities from solving local and international problems through Technology.

  • We create our own Products...

    ... having the flexibility of adapting to our customer needs by complying with international standards

  • We help companies to grow

    … either improving existing processes or helping startups to launch their business.

  • We promote Agile and follow international standards...

    … because we are convinced it can make our industry grow.

  • We keep developing new capabilities...

    ... because we are an exclusive club of programmers creating new opportunities for our colleagues.


Over ther four past years we have partnered with Korinver, bringing their team members up to Seattle , Washington, for a full year of Software Development, Leadership and Management Training… Our partnership has been of great success.

Jason Greer, President, General UI, Seattle

Training class were performed in our promises. We trained more than 50 professionals in software Development and IT Project Management. We suggest the services for Consulting and Advisory provided by Korinver.

Juliana Ceballos, Director of Arquitecture and Development, Avianca, San Salvador