Our Services

  • Software Programming

    We create and maintain software using Agile Methodologies base upon our practice on international standards.

  • Talent Search

    Exclusively focused on IT positions, we have a refined process that challenges the traditional approach of collecting resumes to a smoother one that saves time to candidates and recruiters as well.

  • Scrum Courses

    We are an active evangelist of Agile Methodologies since 2009 having trained more than 400 professionals. We design courses tailored to Latin American and our customer’s needs.

  • Scrum Consultancy

    The introduction in Scrum makes sense but it might be a long and painful process. We advice companies in their first steps and to scale the framework including managing remote team.

Success Stories

International Internship

Our people are world class engineers and our results speak for themselves. We deliver complex solutions to clients around the world with pride, passion and an eye towards perfection.This program sends programmers from El Salvador (as a first stage) to spend a practical year abroad to be trained in current technologies and establish long-term relationships with companies targeting Latin America. The acceptance rate is below than 10% and it has become the core of our personnel. We provided logistics and the talent search process to support this project.

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Teaching IT Skills to Get Jobs

We are also committed to the communities around us. Our employees are empowered to make a difference through our social responsibility initiatives. We supported the execution of this initiative, a social program which trained women in Programming Languages. We created the platform to automatically examine 825 candidates and participated in choosing the final 30 participants. We trained 5 participants in mobile technologies.

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Virtual Academy Progra+

We are providing pro-bono the cloud platform for this virtual academy oriented to offer free online courses. Based on Moodle, our consultants participated in modifying the platform to transform it in a virtual school that any organization can use for training purposes.Using our expertise in technology, our education programs and partnerships aim to improve the knowledge base of students worldwide. Our seamless and borderless approach has made positive changes within the IT sector.

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Our Projects

In addition to developing and placing our own products, we have developed the following services:

  • Assembling remote teams to work with a company based in Seattle, Washington

  • Solving Security Audit Observations for a call center based in Costa Rica

  • Developing a mobile solution for remote collection in Guatemala

  • Scrum advisory for IT company in Honduras

  • Implementing ERP systems for companies (industrial and a commercial) in El Salvador

  • Design and develop of an app for a Virtual Museum in El Salvador

  • Resource-sharing for product developed for a French Product in El Salvador

  • Scrum implementation in Financial Institution and hardware company in El Salvador